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Milkiyo's Last Exile Tv Review

Last Exile

Rated: 8

Fun? This is why I watched Last Exile until the end in the first place. Every moment has a great amount of suspense and drama not to mention a sense of grandeur. You can practically feel all kinds of emotions in this anime (except humor); despair, happiness, sadness or just plain frustration.

Last Exile also gives you the feeling that you are altogether in a new world where flight plays a major role in our lives. I would recommend this anime to you since it has left me feeling glad that I completed this anime (I have a habit of stopping halfway through animes I do not like).

Last Exile however, is a rather complex anime and some of you might find it confusing at first.

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Milkiyo's Shaiya - Light and Darkness Game Review

Rated: 7

Personally, I feel that there is not much originality in the game. Shaiya is your typical hack-and-slash game; it emphasizes on action like all other action games do and yet, it is not as good as some other MMORPGs (Lineage). This is due to the lags, bugs and glitches found in the game. You would have thought that you are playing the beta version if you try this game.

For example, it is sometimes rather annoying as you can get stuck in the game. By that I mean physically; the movements can be a tad edgy and you might get yourself stuck in between a building if you are not too careful. In addition to that, there is a rather ridiculous glitch that needs some serious fixing. You can practically climb anything (except those that are moving) if you repeatedly press on it.

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Milkiyo's Samurai Champloo Tv Review

Samurai Champloo

Rated: 8

Samurai Champloo has serious and exciting martial arts but overall it can be quite comical as well.

There are 26 episodes altogether along with multiple flashbacks. The flashbacks may be a little bit confusing at first but as the story evolve, it becomes more meaningful. This gives off a good effect of suspense and also makes you feel that you are part of the story as well.

It was also directed by Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop so there may be a bit of resemblance in both the shows. However, the concept of this anime is very much enjoyable that sometimes it will leave you craving for more. Pretty addictive.

Samurai Champloo passes off as an enjoyable anime overall though it lacks in certain moral aspects that it must fulfill if it ever wanted to be a family video.

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Milkiyo's Ranma 1/2 Manga Review

Ranma 1/2

Rated: 7

I am quite satisfied with the anime overall but there are some disappointing parts that could have been better. For instance, the characters could have been moulded more deeply with more description on their history and personalities and there are too many new characters coming out. The anime never fails to make you laugh at times though with its comical and hilarious style. The connection between the characters are also quite touching with some of its romantic scenes. The imagination of the anime though is great. For example, there's lots of creatures and ways that one could never have expected and when you think the story has reached a dead end, something else pops up to keep it going on and continues giving us hope.

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